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Wildlife pests such as raccoons and squirrels are widespread across the United States, especially Long Island. These pests chew through wires, walls, soffits, roofs, and more. They also carry diseases and basically cause havoc wherever they are found. The professional exterminators at Kane Exterminating have the knowledge and techniques to rid unwanted nuisance wildlife from your home or business. We have been offering Long Island wildlife control since 1971 throughout Kings Park, Commack, Syosset, Levittown, Garden City, Queens, Hempstead, Brentwood, Medford and the surrounding areas of Long Island.

Know when to contact a professional

Sometimes it may seem like a "Do It Yourself" method is the best approach to nuisance wildlife. These types of methods usually results in wasted time and money. Professionals know how to identify nuisance wildlife activity and understand which methods to use to treat the situation. "Do It Yourself" baits and traps may help initially, but in the long run they do not remedy the underlying issue causing nuisance wildlife to take up refuge in your home or business.

We are your nuisance wildlife control experts!

Both homeowners and business owners should be aware of the dangers that raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife can bring to their properties. These pests carry harmful diseases and also cause destruction to the property they are trying to inhabit. Raccoons, one of the most common wildlife pests, are widely known to carry rabies. They are extremely dangerous to remove on your own and can pose a threat to your business and home. Our professionals at Kane Exterminating know exactly how to remove nuisance wildlife from your home or business. Contact our professionals today!

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