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Kane Exterminating is proud to provide effective pest control for the residents of Suffolk County. Our humid subtropical climate results in hot summers and chilly winters, both of which appeal to certain pests, so we want you to be informed about what your home or business might be vulnerable to.


You can find everything from pavement ants to odorous house ants on Long Island. These insects usually stay outside, feeding on the honeydew that's produced by aphids or foraging in garbage cans. However, they may be encouraged to enter your property if there's vegetation growing against it and providing a shady cover for their journey. Once inside, they'll dwell in damp places - under sinks and bathroom tiles, for example - and travel to your kitchen area for food, especially meats and sugary foods. They're most active in the spring and summer and known to go through winter without hibernating.

One ant in particular that you should watch out for is the carpenter ant, as it can cause structural damage by burrowing into wet or decayed wood - usually structural lumber - and nesting in it. If you find a structure with a window hole in it and a pile of sawdust underneath, then you'll know for sure what did it.


Nothing will attract mice and rats more than a heated home in the wintertime. They'll get in through holes in the roof, leaks in the drainage system, and cracks in the wall, and once inside, they'll build their nests using cardboard, fiberglass insulation, and any other soft materials they can find. The rodents will then forage your home for food, burrowing holes when necessary. They eat mostly nuts, grains, and fruits but won't mind eating pet food or meat. It isn't what they eat that's so important, though; whatever food they come in contact with, they contaminate. Rodents can transmit diseases like leptospirosis, plague, rat-bite fever, and salmonella.

Signs of a rodent presence include urine stains (they give off an ammonia smell), pellet-like droppings, gnawed wood, and footprints. To be on the safe side, don't touch anything they leave behind.


Subterranean termites are one of the biggest threats to Long Islanders' homes, as they thrive in humid environments. They'll come up from their underground colonies to feed on wet or decayed wood and then swarm in the early spring. You don't want to wait until you hear a rustling behind your walls to be alerted to their presence. There are several tell-tale signs that they're inside.

One is the presence of mud tubes; these are tubes made of termite feces and saliva and about a pencil's width, which allows the pests to move to above-ground structures. A second sign would be the wings that the swarmers shed. A third sign would be damaged wood. Subterranean termites eat along the grain and prefer the soft parts of wood.

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At Kane Exterminating, we can eliminate termites with a baiting system or a termiticide barrier treatment. When it comes to rodents, we'll remove them with baits and perform exclusion at the same time. With ants, it's important to trace them back to their nest; our team will do so before spraying them with insecticides.

To get a free estimate for service, call us today! We'll travel quickly to your property no matter where you are in Suffolk County.

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