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Rodents are among the worst pests affecting human households. As carriers of disease and filth, rats and mice are not only disgusting but also potentially dangerous. Unfortunately, rodents can also be difficult for homeowners and business owners to control. Kane Exterminating has been offering rodent control to Long Island since 1971. Our professional exterminators service Kings Park, Commack, Syosset, Levittown, Garden City, Queens, Hempstead, Brentwood, Medford and the surrounding areas throughout Long Island. Here's a closer look at rodents, the problems they cause and the major methods of rodent eradication.

Signs of rodent infestation

Far from being silent pests, rodents show their presence in numerous ways. Rodents commonly leave their droppings and urine all over their territory. Floors, cupboards, counter tops and electrical cords are all fair game for the excretions of these foul creatures. Mice and rats may squeak loudly from their dwellings behind walls and furniture, sometimes loud enough to awaken homeowners at night. Since rodents gnaw on any foods in their area, you might see chew marks on food containers left out or thrown away. Bite marks may also be left on soft materials, such as rugs and cushions, when rodents steal bedding for their nests. Grease smears around crevices are signs that rodents have been squeezing through recently.

Health problems caused by rodents

Rats and mice are prolific carriers of disease and parasites that can affect humans. Hantavirus, carried by deer mice, has a 40 percent fatality rate. Plague, although now rare, is another dangerous illness carried by rodents. Although treatable in early stages, plague is easily fatal if it progresses. Leptospirosis, a group of bacterial diseases, is commonly carried by mice and rats. Individuals who contract leptospirosis may suffer for weeks or months, possibly suffering kidney damage or meningitis, and do not become immune to forms of the disease caused by other bacteria.

Rodent control methods

Consumers have a few options for home rodent control, but none are ideal. Snap traps, although popular, are potentially messy and always inconvenient. Glue traps are easier to use, but wary mice may jump over them and rats can escape them. The third home control method, poison, may eradicate rodents but cannot prevent them from stinking when they end up rotting behind a wall or in another spot where they can't be reached.

Contacting a professional exterminator in Long Island

While home rodent control methods may seem like the best option for a homeowner or business owner, realize that without the help of a professional rodent exterminator, the root cause of the rodent infestation does not get addressed by home control methods. The professional rodent control experts from Kane Exterminating can inspect your home or business and create a custom plan for your rodent infestation situation. Contact us today to learn more.

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