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Pest control is the professional way to rid a home, apartment or town home from insect or animal pests. These pests are not only annoying, but they can spread disease, contaminate food and destroy the structure of a building. Termite infestations can damage the foundation of a structure, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. The best way to end this type of destruction is to stop the pests before they become a problem. Kane Exterminating has been offering residential pest control services in Long Island since 1971! We service the areas of Queens, Hempstead, Levittown, Deer Park, Brentwood, Medford and the surrounding areas throughout Long Island.

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residential-pest-control-in-long-islandThe first step in pest control is a complete inspection of your home or rental properties. Our pest control specialists from Kane Exterminating will examine the entire residence for evidence of insect or animal infestations. During this inspection they can determine the type of pests invading your home or apartment dwelling. Our exterminators will locate places in a home that allow easy entry. Cracks around windows, trees and hedges near the residence and wiring connected to a building can provide access to a number of nuisance animals and insects. Piles of wood, bricks and other types of debris near a structure can be an invitation to wide variety of vermin.

One effective step in pest control is prevention. Removing debris, cutting back hedges as well as sealing any openings in a building can keep pests from entering or reentering a home. Other prevention techniques involve making sure all food sources are properly stored in airtight containers, garbage is removed daily, and compost bins are closed tightly. Professional exterminators can determine the best methods for maintaining a pest free environment for your residence. They can educate homeowners to prevent infestations by simple preventative techniques. Experienced pest removal technicians use methods that are proven to keep insects and animals from returning. Our professionals from Kane Exterminating use the most ecological means possible to alleviate the problem; if any toxins are used they maintain the highest standards to keep people and pets from harmful exposure.

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Pest control has evolved into a science using the most advantaged techniques to keep private residences and commercial establishments safe. Emphasis on prevention and innovative methods to remove pests safely from any home, apartment, or condo, is a top priority. When choosing a residential pest control service, go with the experienced company with a proven track record for customer service and superior animal and insect removal knowledge. Contact the professionals at Kane Exterminating today!

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