Nassau County Mosquitoes

Another summer is here and besides the heat and humidity to worry about, the mosquitoes are back buzzing and biting. And once again the news reports are filled with warnings about taking precautions to avoid catching West Nile Virus. Having lived in Nassau County all my life, I've seen the problem get worse each year.

I’ve followed all the ground rules, such as cleaning up puddles that might be sitting around the yard, dumping excess water out of flower pots and shaking water off kids’ toys that are left outside; but they’re still flying around, spoiling our barbecues and chasing us into the house. I’ve tried burning citronella candles and wearing repellent, but nothing seems to work. Of course, we’ve all been bitten a few times before, but this talk about West Nile Virus has me nervous.

Dangers of Mosquitoes in Nassau County

They’ve identified more than a dozen positive results for the virus in Nassau County alone this summer and it isn’t over yet. There’s no vaccine to prevent you from getting the disease and 1 in 5 people who get infected will develop a fever. Some people could even get seriously ill with encephalitis or meningitis and possibly die, but there’s no way of knowing who that might be.

Call the Professionals at Kane

There are professional home solutions that can help remedy individual homeowners’ problems, treatments that specifically target affected areas. Considering the retail cost of repellents, sprays and candles, and the potentially devastating expense of medical treatment, it’s worthwhile to invest in a proven, professional method to get rid of mosquitoes. The Bug Man can give you a free quote and details about how to rid yourself of this unwanted summer pest. Give him a call today to learn more about protecting your home and family and getting on with the business of enjoying your summer.

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