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Mold slowly creeps into your home creating havoc for your family’s health and well-being. It is vital that you get mold testing if you think you have black mold before you have long term exposure to it. If it is determined there is mold in your house it is vital you get it removed immediately. Our professionals from Kane Exterminating have been offering mold testing and mold inspection services in Long Island throughout Queens, Port Washington, Glen Cove, Huntington, East Northport, Port Jefferson, Bellport, Sayville, Islip, Lindenhurst, Massapequa, Freeport, Oceanside, Long Beach, and the surrounding areas of Long Island.

Black mold produces symptoms that are very subtle. Long continuous exposure to black mold can lead to being bed ridden and having serious health problems. You will not even notice that your health is declining and that you are not as healthy as before. Mildew, mold, and fungus are virtually the same. Microscopic spores attach themselves to a moist food source. Take action against black mold exposure if you have drywall construction, humid bathrooms, wall paper, wood frames, carpet, a basement, or attic.

Understanding black mold and its effects

Black mold is produced by spores and is a single cell organism. You will notice a mold spot somewhere when these single cells group together and reproduce. Mold colonies are formed which consists of thousands of cells. They can produce up to millions of spores that can float around your location so it is important that you have a mold inspection completed as soon as you see this.

Black mold within a home is an issue because it is a sealed environment where they cannot float away and escape from the area. Your home is insulated which keeps the black mold spores inside. Black mold spores will reproduce and increase their population inside of home which effects everyone who resides inside of it.

Mold can also go dormant for a time. If you have a leak in your bathroom and cleaned up the mold you will most likely still have mold colonies within the walls or in the floor. Although you may cut off what the mold needs to grow for a time it is only dormant and is still alive.

Identifying household mold

Some of the typical house mold symptoms include headaches, stale odors, musty washed clothing, speckles or splotches on home water filter or water softener tanks, and crystalline substance on basement walls. You also may notice damp cardboard in the attic or basement, sinus and breathing issues, as well as other symptoms that are typical when you have house mold colonies. If you notice any of these indications of mold throughout your home, you need to contact a professional today. Do not risk your health and property to mold. Contact Kane Exterminating today!

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