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Long Island summers bring residents out of their homes for backyard barbecues, but the winters make them hurry back indoors to escape the snowdrifts and the bitter cold. The Northeast climate takes some getting used to for both people and pests, which invade homes no matter the season. When you have a problem with bed bugs or other annoying insect pests, Kane Exterminating has the experience to eliminate them and to prevent seasonal infestations.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs make life difficult for homeowners and business owners. Whether it's your house or business, these pests infest one section and quickly scatter to every part of the interior. Their size makes them hard to spot as they stay tucked away in furniture, bedding, baseboards and other areas.

Bed bugs feast on blood, and you make the perfect meal when they're hungry. They come out at night when you're fast asleep. They drain enough blood to make them full and then head back to their hiding spot. Our technicians have the tools to eradicate bed bugs while teaching you how to prevent reinfestations.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches such as the American and German species infest homes and businesses throughout Long Island and the continental United States. They've survived for many millennia and resist some of the harshest natural and man-made pesticides. They stay hidden during the day and emerge when the lights go out to scavenge for food and water, contaminating your interior space as they leave behind feces and salmonella.

These irritating pests breed quickly and can overtake an interior in a matter of weeks. If they're left untreated, the roaches will eventually come out during the daytime and act as if they own the place. Our professional team uses the latest treatments when fighting cockroaches and can cure an infestation no matter its size. We'll also seal up any entryways and help to prevent these pests from returning to your home.

Spider Control

Spiders belong outdoors where they feed on troublesome insects like mosquitoes and stink bugs, not inside your home where they scare you from room to room. Not all spiders have venom, but they will bite if they feel threatened. We provide effective spider control services for residents and businesses in Long Island. Our technicians will eliminate individual spiders and their nests while using preventative techniques to keep them out.

Professional Pest Control in Long Island

Contact Kane Exterminating in Long Island to schedule an inspection with our certified professionals. We offer an emergency one-hour service and use organic solutions to combat pests without affecting your health. No matter if it's a bed bug infestation or newly hatched spiders from a web, let our team treat your home and kick out those invasive pests.

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