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Ants are social insects that live in colonies and work together to find food. In every colony, worker ants go out to find new sources of food. Once a new source has been discovered, they lay a trail all the way back to their colony to alert ants about the new location. While this food cycle works well in the wild, it can be detrimental to a person’s home if the new food source is located inside of their house. When this happens, an ant infestation can quickly grow out of control as thousands of ants make a beeline for their newly discovered source of food and water. At some point, almost every Long Island homeowner will need to deal with an ant infestation. Fortunately, there are several methods that are effective for ant extermination. When these methods fail, it is time to contact a professional ant extermination company. Kane Exterminating offers professional ant extermination services throughout Long Island. We service Kings Park, Commack, Syosset, Levittown, Garden City, Queens, Hempstead, Brentwood, Medford and the surrounding areas throughout Long Island.

Seal all cracks and crevices

Ants are small insects that range from only a few millimeters long to as big as an inch. This enables them to creep through even the smallest of cracks to gain entrance to a building. Windows, doorways and pipes are a few of the common areas where ants find their way into a home. Sealing these cracks is an excellent way to deter an ant population from taking up residence in any building.

Remove food and water sources

Generally, ants will only be interested in a building if they can find a food and water source. Once they have lost their source of food, most ant colonies will seek out another place to visit. Therefore, practicing basic cleanliness and sanitation practices can effectively eliminate ants. Be sure to clean thoroughly around windows and floors where ants tend to first find food. Additionally, summertime heat can attract ants to nearby sinks and hoses for water. Keeping leaks stopped and cleaning up standing water around the home is another important step to take toward keeping ants away.

Contact a professional exterminator in Long Island

There are many different types of poisons, baits and traps that are available for ant control. Additionally, many people will try home remedies, such as baking soda, to try to eliminate ants. While these methods may help to eliminate the occasional stray ant, they are generally not effective enough to exterminate a large population. To be effective, ant extermination should always consist of a combination of preventative and extermination methods. Our professional exterminators from Kane Exterminating can examine the home for signs of an ant infestation. We will exterminate ants and also help the building owner in designing a plan that will keep ants away so that the household can stay safe throughout the season. Contact our professionals today!

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